Middleburgh firefighters help with Sandy relief -11-5-12

10-29-12 - Hurricane Sandy

Village of Middleburgh prepares for Sandy

Preparations for Forecasted Storm - Middleburgh CSD, Middleburgh ...

School Closings & Delays

Flood insurance tips


Flood Info 8-29-11

Middleburgh, NY from the top of Vromans Nose - photo by photos@wgy.com

Luckily the Trading Post made it without damage. We were above the storm's path . Please help your neighbors and friends in the Village.  God Bless.

We are asking for information and posting it ASAP - PLEASE SEND UPDATED INFORMATION LINKS AND WE WILL POST IT

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Anyone with questions can call the state insurance hotline at 1-800-339-1759

Middleburgh Village and Town Contacts:


Schoharie residents want a break from school taxes



FEMA extends assistance deadline

FEMA brings in temporary housing units

Temporary housing for flood victims



It has been one month since tropical storm Irene laid waste to NY and particularly the Schoharie Valley. Chuck and Kelly talk with Bill Ansel-McCabe, Mayor of the Village of Middleburgh this morning, and help is still very much needed to help clean up.

If you would like to help there is a relief fund you can contribute to at:

Middleburgh Relief Fund

PO Box 789, 

Middleburgh, NY 12122. 

Or if you'd like to volunteer personally in the cleanup, please contact Pastor Carol Coltrane at (518) 827-5126.

Listen to the interview with Mayor Ansel-McCabe HERE

Hurricane Irene Aftermath: How One Farm Plans to Keep Going (VIDEO)

Absentee landlords leave businesses in limbo

Repairing the Gilboa Dam siren

·         Cuomo declares $2.4 million for agricultural recovery

·         Flood victims may receive unemployment checks

Letterman asks viewers to help Schoharie

Schoharie County residents want temporary housing

Letterman to mention Schoharie Relief Fund tonight 9-26-11

Kelley's Grill on Main Street


Local attorneys start non-profit for Hurricane Irene victims

Local organizations team up to collect aid

Gilboa Dam under safety scrutiny

FEMA goes door-to-door to answer disaster relief questions


Albany students to aid in Schoharie County storm cleanup Saturday

Schoharie residents served up with culinary kindness

Legacy Banks Middleburgh branch still closed


NY volunteers 2000-strong rushed to aid of upstate NY Irene ...


Middleburgh again dealing with heavy rains

Flooding causes issues in Cobleskill

Hurricane causes parts of valley to evacuate 9-7-11

8-29-11 - Middleburgh - Schoharie County has been hit badly by Hurricane Irene.  Most roads are flooded the National guard has been called in - Please call before traveling to Schoharie County.  We will try to keep you updated.


State of Emergency in Middleburgh

9/5/11 - SCHOOL TO REOPEN DURING THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19 - pending the restoration of all necessary utilities and appropriate safety clearances.

8/30/2011 ONLINE EXTRA: Bird's eye view of flooding damage





Just got this report from a friend down by Livingstonville

We can’t get through to Livingstonville – they had a mudslide down the road.  145 is blocked by rocks along a small bridge 2000’ towards Livingstonville & only a 4 wheeler can get there.  300” to the right towards Preston Hollow had tons of water, but 2 guys took out there equipment & they tried to stop the flow of the water from getting onto 145




·         Schoharie state of emergency remains in effect








If anyone directly affected by Irene is interested in 2 twin beds and frames (used but in very good condition and CLEAN), call.

If anyone is also interested in a day's worth of mostly on the ground chain saw cutting of trees/branches free, call.


This is purely a volunteer free effort...only interested in helping directly impacted victims.


Ask for Pincus

I am happy to see that your Trading Post made it through the storm, and my prayers are with those in Middleburgh (my nephew being one although he lives up on the hill.  His stream flooded).  It is so beautiful in the whole Schoharie Valley.

 Last week, I met some people from just outside of Middleburgh who have an organic farm.  My prayers that you will all rise up better than ever.



I’m so sorry.  That area is so beautiful and it is really sad for the farmers and everyone else too.  I grew up on a ranch in SD. And know the perils of farming and cattle ranching.   It was one of the reasons I decided very early in life that I would go to school and head to a city to teach.

Is there something we can do here, I am the coordinator of a small quilting group here is Stephentown and we do what we call “cuddle quilts” about 45-52” in size, maybe a few are larger.  Would that be something that could be of use in that area?  Do you have a food pantry or someone I could get in touch with.  Our group has not met the month of August and I am not sure of the number of quilts that we have, I think around 15-20 of them.  Let me know your thought and I would appreciate any suggestions.  Donna

Please let us know - E-Mail:


Schoharie farmers lose land to Irene

Middleburgh school district postpones school

Senator Schumer to tour Schenectady and Schoharie Counties

Schoharie man fears for his horses

Cuomo encourages NY'ers to "Labor For Your Neighbor"

Picking up the pieces in Schoharie County

MIDDLEBURGH, N.Y. - According to the Middleburgh School District, the opening of school is postponed

The district is asking residents and students to stay off school property and updated information will be posted on the district’s website

Volunteers are still needed to help clean the school and should check in at the front of the old bus garage.  They work Monday- Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

www.Middleburghschool website

State of Emergency in Middleburgh

9/5/11 - SCHOOL TO REOPEN DURING THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19 - pending the restoration of all necessary utilities and appropriate safety clearances.


8/29/2011 ONLINE EXTRA: Aerial video of the Mohawk River and Schoharie Creek

National Guard helps with Irene cleanup

Salvation Army volunteers travel hundreds of miles to help in Schoharie

Officials visit flood ravaged towns


Photos: Schoharie County damage

Gov. Cuomo announces $15M recovery fund





State of Emergency in Middleburgh

9/5/11 - SCHOOL TO REOPEN DURING THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19 - pending the restoration of all necessary utilities and appropriate safety clearances.



Help with storm-related insurance claims





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