Meteorite Pendants

More Rare than Gold, Older than 4.6 Billion Years





Recently, I was contacted by a meteor expert that believed she had the perfect item for Good Earth Collectibles.  She personally makes these unusual elegant pendants from unique magnetic meteorites. These meteorites are from a famous witnessed fall in Nantan, China, in 1516, and are composed mostly of magnetite and iron/nickel, with hundreds of small trace elements typical of extraterrestrial artifacts.


Each stone is a unique one-of-a-kind meteor, with magnetic strength, making sure that no two can ever be alike. The meteorite in this offer, although slightly different from the example shown, can be up to 1" long, weighs 10 grams or more, and is very similar in size and shape to the ones in the picture. It is one of the greatest natural “one-of-a-kind” creations you will ever find!


As an added feature, something rarely found on other jewelry, the back of each magnetic meteorite is permanently covered with a soft black material, fused to the meteorite so as to protect your pendant from any direct contact with your skin (this protects the specimen from skin oils and acids.)


Here are just a few of the other nice things about this great pendant:


* This elegant specimen of extraterrestrial matter can be worn on practically any occasion to liven up any outfit.


* It is both casual and fashionable at the same time, and adds a new dimension of excitement and otherworldliness to any outfit and to the wearer. 


* It is unisex, looking exciting and appropriate with both female and male attire.


* It is also the perfect Birthday or Holiday present, one that is guaranteed to bring joy and happiness, and a lifetime of memories. Imagine wearing something 4.6 billion years old, as old as our Solar System and older than anything else on earth!


It is "the one gift" that will never be forgotten! 


* The pendant is shipped pre-strung on a fashionable black satin cord with a palladium-like plated hook & eye attachment. 


* It can be easily removed from the cord and used with any type of jewelry chain or cord.


* The Pendant, cord, Certificate of Authenticity, and an informative 2-page report on the origins of your meteorite, are packaged together and shipped First Class mail within the United States and Canada. 


* This is just the perfect gift for yourself, and for friends and loved ones!


Magnetism: There are many claims made for magnets and for meteorites. In some remote cultures of antiquity, meteorites were believed to be messages (or messengers) from the gods, since they came from the heavens. Sometimes they were considered omens of things yet to come, advanced “blogs” foretelling of future happenings, sent to mankind so he could prepare himself.


Magnetic Powers: Other cultures strongly believed that meteorites held great powers of fertility; shamans and tribal wise men would sometimes order that these seeds from heaven be shaped into fertility objects used (and worshiped) by people of the tribe. Some people keep magnets on their person as the ultimate good luck charm, believing that magnets were magical, "attractive magick," that they would bring money and success to them.


Magnetic Healing and Energy: In more modern times, say during the past 100 or so years, many claims have been made for the healing properties of magnets, with thousands of individual reports of the benefits derived from wearing magnets, from magnetic jewelry, from special devices and appliances made with magnets purporting to enhance circulation, clean the blood, improve memory, etc.  Healing magnets in one form or another continue to be extremely popular, with the interest forever increasing. 


Magnetism has always held a universal fascination for people of all ages during all of recorded history. In earlier times, it was believed that “natural” magnets, such as lodestones, contained the souls of loved ones or of minor deities. Magnetism, in the form of magnets and electromagnetism, is today the "magic" driving force behind most appliances and machines.


This pendant is just so perfect to wear to any event (on or off Earth/terrestrial or “Extra-Terrestrial”), including new (or old) movies, parties, concerts, clubs, trips, UFO rides, and any place where people congregate!


It is also a fantastic way to make new friends and impress and "mesmerize" your old ones, so that it can be considered magnetic in more ways than one. It has the uncanny ability to really attract other people to you, to act as a powerful “people magnet,” the way it excites everyone.  It is so cool that you will feel like a celebrity yourself when you wear it!


This is the coolest ice-breaker imaginable, and is a fantastic conversation piece wherever you go. Here you are wearing an actual space rock, your own miniature asteroid more rare than gold, something from an exploded star, with a history more dramatic and spine-tingling than any diamond!


And this is the one thing, maybe the only thing, that you may ever find that puts you in direct touch with the most powerful forces in the Universe, with the Cosmos, something that defies logic and the imagination, something that was there at the beginning,  and that by this token, is itself connected with everything else in the universe! It is timeless, coming from a period even beyond time itself; it has always been here, and will always be here in the future, forever. And you own it!


Certificate of Authenticity: Each pendant is accompanied by its own documentation, a Certificate of Authenticity, showing its origins, age, approximate weight, and with its own Unique Serial Number. It is authenticated by two meteorite experts,  verifying the authenticity of the meteorite so that you know it is genuine.


Quality Guarantee:  Good Earth's Meteorite Gifts is made up of a group of professional researchers of natural phenomena such as meteorites and other things. Their mission has been to locate, select and prepare only the finest quality Meteorites for our customers, to make available only the best quality specimens either as collector items for individual, museums, or researchers, or as quality wearable jewelry.




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